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Zadquiel Williams

Sous Chef

Since joining the Tiny Lou’s team in 2018, sous chef Zadquiel Williams has added his own unique flair to the restaurant’s diverse international background. By bringing an almost musical quality to his dishes, Williams works with executive chef Jeb Aldrich to whip up countless masterpieces for each guest to enjoy.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Williams learned at an early age the importance food has in one’s cultural identity. After graduating from Academia Gastronómica ATF (ATF Culinary School in Caracas, Venezuela), he then traveled around and landed a job in Miami, Fla. Williams worked in several fine dining establishments before moving north to Atlanta, ultimately landing at Tiny Lou’s. Not only does Williams have a passion for crafting aesthetically gorgeous food, but he also enjoys the environment of the hospitality industry and values the respect each member of the Tiny Lou’s family has for one another. 

Outside of the kitchen, Williams plays and watches fútbol and has a love for creating and listening to music. He currently lives in Atlanta with his wife and their beloved dog